Dongnam Accounting Corporation

Dongnam Accounting Corporation is a full-fledged accounting firm based in Seoul which offers a wide range of quality services by our professionals including CPA’s in Korea and US, certified tax accountants, consultants and accounting staff doing bookkeeping, payroll and secretarial services.

We know that an accounting firm’s reputation is built on the individual and collective strength of workforce in the firm, with each bringing a broad wealth of knowledge and experience to work on our client’s behalf.

We are a full member of Alliott Global Alliance, which is one of the world’s leading independent multi disciplinary networks of accounting, legal, information technology, human resources, corporate finance and outsourcing professionals.

Founded in 1979, Alliott Global Alliance has some 185 Members firms with more than 4350 Professional Advisors in more than 225 cities in 80 countries. The international group meets on a regular basis throughout the year to build rapport and trust between its members and develop strong network.

The Alliance has an ongoing commitment to quality control and regularly visit its members to carry out review program thereby ensuring that members of Alliott Global Alliance maintain the highest standards of work and advice to clients throughout the world.