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Disclaimer – Alliott Global Alliance

International Alliance Membership

Dongnam Accounting Corporation is an independent member firm of Alliott Group, which is an international alliance of independent accounting and law firms. Alliott Group and its member firms are legally distinct and separate entities.  These entities are not and shall not be construed to be in the relationship of a parent firm, subsidiary, partner, joint venture, agent or a network.  No Alliott Group member firm has any authority (actual, apparent, implied or otherwise) to obligate or bind Alliott Group or any other Alliott Group member firm in any manner whatsoever.  Equally, neither Alliott Group nor any other member firm has any authority to obligate or bind Dongnam Accounting Corporation or any other member firm.

All Alliott Group members are independent firms, as such they each render their services entirely on their own account (including benefit and risk).  In connection with the engagement contemplated by this letter or any other services from time to time provided by Dongnam Accounting Corporation, Dongnam Accounting Corporation may seek advice from or may recommend the retention of an Alliott member firm.  Alliott Group and its other member firms shall have no liability for advice rendered by Dongnam Accounting Corporation or such consulted or retained Alliott Group member firm.  Nor shall Dongnam Accounting Corporation have liability for advice rendered by any of the other Alliott Group member firms, even if consulted or recommended to you by Dongnam Accounting Corporation.