History & Mission

Dongnam Accounting Corporation (DAC) was established in 1995 and has grown with the client’s prosperity in business. DAC is the reorganization of “YUN & CO.” which was set up in 1988 by Simon Sungil YUN, the founder of DAC.

We want to be a reliable partner to companies which seek both growth and stability within the complicated and changing business environment of these days. We know that the best way to be a reliable partner to clients is to do every sincere effort to find out best solution whenever clients need the opinion and assistance from an accounting firm.

DAC is a full-fledged accounting firm based in Seoul which offers a wide range of professional services by our professionals including CPAs in Korea and US, certified tax accountants, consultants and accounting staff doing bookkeeping, payroll and secretarial services. We know that an accounting firm’s reputation is built on the inividual and collective strength of workforce in the firm, with each bringing a broad wealth of knowledge and experience to work on our client’s behalf.

From setting up an entity in Korea through to traditional accounting, tax and auditing functions, we can provide comprehensive advice and assistance on the clients’ tax minimization and accounting needs.

DAC is a small-sized firm, however, knows that providing more intimate and considerate service than “the Giant firms” is the only and steady way to prosper in this highly competitive accounting market which is already dominated by “the Dinosaur firms”. And we actually are going that way.

We recognize that every client is unique and we work side by side with each client to tailor our services to fit their needs. Regardless of your business’s size or requirements, we pride ourselves in maintaining high standards of client service.

We understand that the following four factors are important in choosing the accounting firm by the potential clients.
1) practice quality based on knowledge and experience
2) language capability
3) professional due care and attitude as a professional
4) reasonable and explainable fee

We are preparing for them by fulfilling the conditions mentioned above.